Our Technology

Humans have known for millennia that silver and copper have anti-disease properties. For example, the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used silver to treat ulcers and wounds, and the use of these metals continued in medicine throughout the ages.

Modern scientists can confirm what our ancestors observed millennia ago: silver and copper are naturally toxic to a host of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold, algae, and fungi. Scientists now understand that the impact on microorganisms is caused by the ions naturally released by silver and copper. In their natural states, however, silver and copper release ions very slowly, providing for only a minor, natural effect on microorganisms. AIONX has developed a novel way to control and strengthen the release of silver and copper ions.

AIONX’s patented technology controls the release of silver and copper ions by incorporating with native silver and copper a microampere electrical current. These components are combined and applied to treated surfaces in a proprietary way that enhances the release of antimicrobial ions, while minimizing materials costs and any potential dangers to consumers and the environment.

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